Signature Enzyme Power Peel Vajacial

Our Signature Enzyme Power Peel Vajacial is the absolute “skin care, for down there” experience. We start with an invigorating gel cleanser containing properties of pine essential oil, rich in natural minerals, bladderwrack seaweed, and a splash of glycolic for gentle exfoliation. Next, we apply a balanced mixture of our tu’el Power Scrub containing ultra-fine pumice granules, diatomaceous earth, bacteria-fighting tea tree and lemongrass oil, and our tu’el Enzyme Peel. This plant-based exfoliator uses the gentle resurfacing properties of papain and bromelain to hydrate the skin, and refine the appearance of enlarged pores. When combined, they are the ultimate power partners for buffing and dissolving keratinized skin, and leaving you with a smoother, brighter surface! If necessary, extractions are performed post-peel, and treated with an antiseptic lavender lotion. A blend of mandarin, peppermint and lavender essential oils are then used to soothe your freshly buffed skin. Next, we apply our detoxifying mask containing kaolin clay, sulfur, zinc oxide, and vitamin E. This mask is designed to absorb oil while battling bacteria hiding inside of active, or potential breakouts. It conditions and soothes broken skin, while restoring hydration. While your mask sets, you’ll be treated to a relaxing upper body massage with aromatherapy. This treatment finishes with a final application of our soothing Post Wax Essential Oil, Blemish Control Gel, and Post Wax Soothing Cream.

This therapy is intended for 7-10 days, post-wax only.

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